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Online casino roulette game is exactly the one we describe for you here: various roulette strategies, rules to play and odds to remember together with the information about famous roulette bettors - all this makes our website be informative and useful for all gamblers.

The rules of roulette online are not very complicated to remember.

What attracts gamblers in this casino game then? Learn the info given to understand.

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Roulette odds are something lo learn when you decided to try this game of chance.

Find out how the house edge of American and European roulettes differ and what your winning chances are.

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The General Winning Roulette Rule will Help to Improve the Game

Have you ever tried roulette game in casinos? Or maybe you are just interested in this game as a viewer? Do you watch roulette movies? If you answered "yes" to the one of these questions at least, then you are at the right place because you visit the portal devoted to the most exciting casino game of all times - roulette!

This game is known due to many reasons and we think that there is no point to mention all of them, as you know them for sure. But we are not sure, that you know some interesting facts, which concern this game. Probably one of the most important thing which any roulette player should know is that different roulette variations have different odds. American roulette has 5,26% of house edge and European – 2,7%. It is explained by the facts, that American roulette has 2 zero pockets, while European only one. But just a few centuries ago there was no zero pockets at roulette wheel at all! Only in mid of 19 century they were introduces by brothers Blanc, who wanted to make house win more often. But the strangest thing is that no one knows the real origin of blackjack game. Dom players are sure, that this game was invented by Devil, because the total amount of all numbers is 666.

Roulette game is also famous for the fantastic winning, which often take place at its table. Probably the most famous one is the story of Ashley Revell. Unlike many other players, he decided to act in a very stupid way – to bet all money he had at red color and he doubled his cash! This story would not be so interesting if the sum he bet was small, but he bet more than $135,000! He took really great risk, but it was definitely worth the results!

If you do not want to risk and you like to play reasonably, than you should always keep in mind some roulette strategies and recommendations. Here you will find out how to beat roulette, what bets to make, what tips to follow. This information will help you not to waste money, but spend as much as you really need for having fun and winning money. Roulette is not so difficult as it may seem and at the same time it is not so easy as some tend to believe. Just continue reading and you will get to know why.

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Play Roulette online

Roulette table game attracts many gamblers but only some of them become real professionals: they beat roulette, invent and develop various strategies to win it, write books on roulette, cheat roulette and represent for others. Who are these people?

We tell you about such roulette bettors as Edward Thorp, Ashley Revell and Gonzalo Pelayo here. Read about their achievements and learn.

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