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The Fibonacci System involves a sequential progression of natural numbers starting with 1 and giving the consecutive number by the addition of two preceding numbers. The first number of this series is 1 and assuming it to be preceded by 0, the next number of the series is given by adding 1 and 0, i.e. 1. Given below is the way how the series looks like:

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 ….

Betting System involving Fibonacci series

Betting system in a casino is also based on the Fibonacci Series. A player starts his bet with one unit and continues betting until he gets to lose. If a player happens to face a loss then he is supposed to move up to the next level in the series. If he happens to win then he can step down the ladder by one level. If a player happens to win twice in a row, then the system is considered to be complete and the player has to start from the beginning.

Disadvantage of the System

The Fibonacci system has been proved to be a very secure and safe system of betting. The players don't face a problem with the safety of the system but with the profits earned from the system. In this system, most of the time, a player gets to win only when he is betting one unit. For big gamblers, this can prove to be boring as they would like to win big amounts. Though the system is certainly profitable but it does not give you big profits.

Some players manage to tackle this problem by starting their bets on higher levels. They prefer to start with 4th or 5th level and then depending on their win or lose, they move up or down the ladder.


To take full advantage of the system, one must keep in mind the progressing numbers in the series and also get himself perfect in making the correct bet. One can start with betting on the toss of a coin and improve upon his betting capability before trying out the real system. Progression of numbers in the Fibonacci System is the trickiest part one should always try to become master of.

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