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The Labouchere roulette system is a playing strategy that you can use for a game of roulette that utilize bets on 50/50 opportunities during a game. Common examples of betting situations wherein this system would work best are Black, Red, Odd, Even, 1st 18, 2nd 18, and so on.

It is referred to as a "line" system wherein you must compute your next bet based on a line of numbers. You have to decide whatever that line of numbers is but you need to begin with a simple line before you proceed with more advanced tactics.

What is the Labouchere Line?

Think of your Labouchere line as this: 1-2-3-4. All of the numbers in this line will represent a betting unit, which is the minimum allowable bet you can place on the table during a roulette game.

Betting Strategy

To place your bet using the Labouchere roulette system, you need to determine first the amount that corresponds with a single betting unit for that game. But it is important that you figure out your line before you begin placing your bets on the table.

You must add the first and last numbers in the line that you have chosen such that you can determine your bet. Then, you can decide how many betting units you'd like to place on your chosen number.

What to Do After Losing a Bet

If in case your chosen bet loses, you must keep in mind the number of betting units that you decided to wager. Then, add that number to your existing Labouchere line. This will now give you a new line to work with.

Using the new Labouchere line, you can go back to betting the same way you did the first time. Take out the first and last numbers from the line and add them together. Take note of the resulting number. This will determine how many betting units you will place on your next wager.

What to Do After Winning a Bet

If you won a game using the Labouchere roulette system, you must take note of the first and last numbers. This will now leave you with only the two middle numbers on the line. Use this new line that you have for your next bet when you play another game of roulette. Add the two remaining numbers wherein the sum will represent the number of betting units that you will place on your next bet.

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