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The Martingale strategy has been deemed as the best roulette systems used in Europe. However, most of those who are new to this system usually doubt its ability to truly become a winning strategy.

This particular roulette system was developed in France during the 18th century. It was developed out of the desire for enthusiastic gamblers to find a way to overcome the luck factor and take a mathematical approach to winning. The Martingale system is exclusively utilized by gamblers for the European roulette wheel and was never used for the American style roulette table.

How to Win in a Gamble?

The application of the Martingale betting strategy to a game of roulette is actually very simple. For a quick guide into the Martingale process, find out more details below:

  • Choose either the red or black to bet on. You need to stick with the particular color you have chosen during the entire playing session.
  • Place the lowest denomination as your bet on that color.
  • In case the ball lands on your chosen color, you will be able to get back the amount you have wagered and an additional dollar. Then, you will begin with the Martingale process using the lowest possible denomination bet allowed in the house.
  • In case the ball lands on the opposing color, you must double the amount of initial bet you have placed. For instance, you bet 2 dollars in one game and the ball lands on an opposing color, then your next bet should be 4 dollars.
  • If after you retry and you still get the same results, then you must also double that amount again. This process will go on until you have won a bet. Although the amount of bet you must place increases, it will also enable you to recoup all the money you have lost if your color does win.

The process of doubling your bet for every game lost, the Martingale system suggests that you will inevitably win a minimum bet. And even though you might suffer from a few setbacks initially, it is statistically proven that you will win eventually.

Is It The Best Roulette Betting Strategy?

The Martingale System is good but claiming it as the best is still questionable. After all, it possesses a major weakness in that it assumes that a player has unlimited amount of funds such that it is completely acceptable to double the amount of bets placed. A string of losses is therefore not plausible for players with limited bankroll and limits your ability to win in a single sitting.

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