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The Bright Examples of Winning at Roulette

When it is about casino games, it is naturally that roulette comes to the mind the first. This game with the history of more than two centuries stays one of the most playable nowadays. Roulette draws attention of millions casino gamblers and there always can be found crowd of people with bated breath watching the spinning wheel and table. The secret of such popularity has not been determined yet for sure. But this game is surrounded with many secrets and unbelievable stories.

Incredible Stories in the World of Roulette

  • Among the pioneer winners of roulette is famous Joseph Hobson Jagger. His winning was not a pure chance but the result of hard work and thought-out playing strategy. In 1873, Joseph arrived to Monaco, Monte Carlo and hired 6 men to record each outcome of the 6 roulette tables at the Beaux-Arts Casino. After some time he realized that one wheel is biased, as it showed numbers 29, 28, 22, 19, 18, 17, 9, 8 and 7 much more often than other numbers.

    On July 7th 1875 he made his first bets and won neither more nor less than £14,000. The next 3 days Joseph assembled £60,000. The casino's owner was puzzled and rearranged the wheels. That confused Jagger, and he was losing money, until he recalled that there was a scratch on the biased wheel. So, he found the right table and resumed winning.

    The casino moved metal dividers between numbers. That led to Joseph lost and gave up. Generally he managed to win over two million francs.

  • Several years later Monte Carlo was visited by Charles Wells, who managed to win approximately 2 million francs, spending only 2 days in the casino. There were written even a song by Fred Gilbert.
  • The winning that amazed everybody in 2004 took place in Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel. Ashley Revell sold all his belongings in London and came to casino with $135,300. He chose "Red" bet with odds 1:1 and the ball stopped on red-7. So, Ashley left with $270,600 in his pocket. After this unbelievable bet he admitted it to be the craziest thing to do.
  • There are several examples of how gamblers using modern technologies won great sums of money. Although, today using of different devices in casinos is prohibited and thought to be a kind of crime.
    1. Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon are the first gamblers, who invented and used a computer to predict the result in roulette. It took place in 1995 but it is unknown how much they won.
    2. Named after Aristotle's the Eudaemonistic philosophy the Eudaemons group, which consisted from students at California Santa Cruz University, used a small computer that brought them $ 10,000.
    3. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo won more than a million dollars in the Casino de Madrid, using the computer that calculated the numbers hit the most frequently. He was caught for cheating but the court was on his side.

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