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The Eudaemons

The Eudaemons will forever go down in history to be recognized as the men who successfully cracked the roulette code. This is the term that a group of physicists would like to call themselves, which was led by J. Doyne Farmer who is a self-confessed roulette gambling enthusiast. Norman Packard helped him put together this group that would undergo extensive research and experimentation just to go behind the secrets of the game. It was in the 1970s when both persevered and engaged in countless experiments just to find the answers they were looking for.

However, the purpose of this research was more for the sake of scientific advancement instead of finding a way to become rich through gambling. Their goal is to develop a mathematical system that was based on the philosophy of Eudaemonism, thus the name of the group. The main principles of this philosophy involve the concept of karma, which governs the virtuous circle of human life. It might seem odd to some people how there is a correlation between karma and roulette, but the group successfully defended their proposition.

How They Cracked the Roulette?

These physicists employed an oscilloscope and camera for their research. They recorded and monitored the activity of the roulette wheel in an effort to track down motion. From the observations they have gathered, they were able to determine an algorithm that will suggest the possible motion of a wheel, which will also consequently reveal several variables that one player could consider for improving the chances of winning. Some of these factors include (as they have determined) the time of rotation of the ball on the roulette wheel, period of rotation, among other variables.

They have also developed a small device and used a computer to study the inputs of a roulette wheel more closely. This device was small enough to fit into a shoe, so it was no problem sticking it into the roulette wheel. This is therefore worn by roulette players wherein tapping your shoe will send out corresponding vibrations, which will in turn indicate when you must place your bet.

Since then, the Eudaemons left Vegas and kept using this new roulette system they have discovered. When they are using the system, the team has managed to register a 44 percent winning percentage, which is very impressive indeed.

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