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Ashley Revell

One could call Ashley Revell as the luckiest person in the whole world when it would come to roulette gambling. One can even call him the craziest player or even a blend of two. But one aspect of Ashley that everyone would agree with is that he is a great gambler.

Ashley Revell - A brave gambler

It was back in 2004 in England, when he was just 32 years of age, Ashley sold out all his stuff, even the simplest of things. Just in a pair of trousers and underwear, he flew to Las Vegas and landed up at the casino of the Plaza Hotel. He borrowed a jacket, exchanged all his money worth 135300$ for chips that he could use for betting, moved to the roulette table and made a big gamble. He bet his entire money in one go on Red.

The crowd became silent. Everyone was eagerly looking at the spinning wheel of Roulette. The wheel gradually reduced its speed. Everyone including Ashley was holding their breath. It was the moment when the ball finally stopped on number 7 which was Red and it was a huge success for Ashley. With only a single spin of wheel, he had won the amount double of his investment i.e. 270600$.

When asked about whether he would like to play again and get a grand chance to win double amount again, he acted wise and denied the offer. He gave a tip of 600$ to the croupier and walked out of the casino with 270000$ in his pocket, leaving behind a record in the history of roulette gambling.

Later Ashley commented on his big win that it was the most remarkable experience of his life and that he would go and shop new clothes for himself first. His father had an altogether different opinion on his experience saying that Ashley should not have taken such a big risk.

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