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Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

Garcia Pelayo is a native of Madrid. Over the years he has gained perfection on his betting capability and is above any average player of roulette. This article describes the success story of Garcia in the world of roulette gambling.

Garcia's Analysis of Biased Roulette Wheels

It was back in the early 90s when Garcia discovered that some of the wheels of roulette are not completely arbitrary and are in fact prejudiced. He figured out after thorough analysis that some of the numbers used to turn up more frequently than the other numbers. Reason behind this could be minor defects such as small imperfections in the gears of the roulette wheel, differences in pocket size or improper leveling of the floor. Garcia Pelayo carefully observed over thousand spins, recorded the numbers landing on the roulette wheel and performed a detailed study on the statistical data.

He started placing bets on these winning numbers obtained through his detailed analysis and managed to earn an advantage of 15% in his favor in the European casinos which was earlier a disadvantage of 5%. He had certainly created a favorable plan for himself. As a result, Garcia along with his family took full advantage of the biased nature of some wheels to exploit gambling and earn over 2 million euro over a period of two years.

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